Tonight, my first partner was literally the heaviest person I’ve ever tried to wrestle. I’m pretty sure he was well over 300 pounds, making him easily twice my weight. Have you ever wrestled with a water bed mattress filled with water? That’s what it felt like! Actually, I didn’t do too bad at first. Since this was only his second week, I was able to maneuver myself to several advantageous positions. He wasn’t wearing a gi, so I tried for a triangle. He was so strong, that he was able to stand up and shake me off. I decided to change tactics and try for a guillotine choke. My mistake was that I pulled him into my closed guard. Normally, that would be a smart thing to do. However, when someone that size lays on you, it becomes almost impossible to move. I worked for a little while from half guard, but the weight was too much for me. I think this was the first time I’ve ever tapped because someone was too heavy. I couldn’t hardly breathe under all that weight. I felt bad about telling the guy why I tapped, but the weight difference was bordering on the ridiculous. Mercifully, the next guy only outweighed me by 30 or 40 pounds. He went to stand up, so I stood up to defend, but it was supposed to be mat work, so I sat back down. He then decided to take advantage of my good will, and passed my guard as I was sitting down! Whatever. I don’t mind working on defense. He was able to mount me, which would ordinarily be bad, but I had been meaning to work on my mount defense anyway. I almost trapped and rolled him, but we had to stop and reposition ourselves, so we wouldn’t run into another pair of wrestlers. I thought I did better with my hand placement than my previous times in the bottom of mount over the last few weeks. I think I would have eventually escaped, but the match ended. Despite all that, I think I’m still in one piece. That’s good, because tomorrow is my white belt phase three test. If I pass, I will be able to wear a belt that is half white and half blue. I’ve been reviewing all the techniques, so I feel like I’m ready for it.

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