Tonight, during drills, I worked with a brand new white belt…or, so I was led to believe. He asked me all kinds of rookie questions, and I tried to give him some basic pointers to help him get started off on the right foot in his jiu jitsu journey. Then, I met him in sparring. I figured he didn’t know anything yet, so I pulled him into my guard and had him practice maintaining correct posture. The next thing I knew, he pulled off a double under guard pass, and was even able to pass my guard, after a failed attempt at a push pull triangle on my part. I thought it was odd that someone who wasn’t supposed to know anything would apparently know how to defend a triangle with a double under guard pass. However, I just went with it, and defended until I could recover half-guard. From there, I was able to sweep him pretty easily and get on top. My turn! Now inside his guard, it didn’t take long for me to pass to side control and isolate one of his arms. I was going to go for an Americana armlock, but the match ended. That’s the thing about white belts you’ve never met before. It could legitimately be the first grappling class they’ve ever taken, or they might have trained BJJ somewhere else for two years. Alternatively, they may have wrestled in high school, or (like me) trained in Judo for ten years. Just when you think you can relax around the new guy, he passes your guard with some fancy move that he supposedly doesn’t even know yet!

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