We worked on a few takedowns tonight. What I’m finding interesting is that I’m starting to think more about how to modify my judo in order to have it better conform to the rules of a jiu jitsu match. In a judo match, wrestling shots and pulling guard are illegal, so I never spent much time worrying about them. Sure, I learned how to sprawl if someone tries to tackle you, but it’s a bit more complicated than that. During sparring, my defense held up pretty well against the first guy, who was a white belt. Although he passed my guard, I managed to recover guard and keep his posture broken. I tried for a sweep, but missed it, and ended up in half guard as the match ended. He complained that I was playing to not loose, rather than to win. He was right. I thought that was the whole point. After all, it’s called “self defense”, not “defeat others”! At any rate, I used the exact same tactics against the next guy, a blue belt, who had no trouble submitting me twice.

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