Well, my zero submission policy has been taking hits lately, but tonight, it was for a good cause. Even though I got submitted in two out of the three matches, I felt like I was finally able to launch a few of my own attacks, rather than defending all the time. Of course, the danger of going on the attack is that you are not paying as much attention to your defense. I’m pretty sure that’s why I got triangled by a smaller white belt. It was really just carelessness on my part, but it happens. Even the legendary Royler Gracie got triangled by Eddie Bravo (who was a brown belt at the time), so I shouldn’t feel too bad. I had even almost pulled off a triangle of my own in the previous match. The other submission I got caught in was an arm bar. Blue belts seem to really like arm bars. I know the defense for the arm bar, but I’m still not used to being attacked with it, since most white belts aren’t yet good enough to threaten you with the arm bar. I’ve only recently begun to spar with blue belts more frequently, so I’m not yet as responsive to the warning signals as I should be. The only embarrassing part was the way I “tapped”. If you are unable to tap with your feet or hands, it is permissible to verbally say “tap” in order to make the other guy stop. Unfortunately, my reflexes have slowed as I’ve gotten older, and the only thing I could think to say was, “Ow!” It worked. He let go of the arm bar, but it wasn’t the most macho of responses. I guess it was better than letting him hyper extend my elbow.

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