I feel like my BJJ honeymoon is somewhat over, and now it’s a matter of staying focused on those days when you simply don’t feel like doing pushups after a long day at the office. Today was somewhat like that, but I’m usually pretty good at snapping out of such moods not too long after class gets under way. Like anything difficult, there will always be that nagging voice in your head that periodically tries to tell you to just give up and quit. Fortunately, I’ve had enough life experience to recognize that I should basically ignore the nagging voice. If you feel like you’re in an uphill battle, it usually means you need to step on the gas. Otherwise, you’ll end up rolling back down the hill. In reality, I enjoyed tonight’s class. I even got to spar with two of the smaller blue belts, which allowed me to focus more on technique. One of the blue belts ended up getting me into the north-south position. Although I wish I could have held him in my guard for longer, at least it gave me the opportunity to work my north-south defense. This time, I tried to make sure that I was keeping an eye out for the north-south choke. In the end, neither blue belt was able to submit me, so at least I know my defenses are holding up against the smaller blue belts. To me, that’s progress.

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