My zero submissions clock is back on again. Neither person submitted me tonight, although I did get swept and placed underneath a rather uncomfortable mount. I had done a lot of review of guard passing techniques and strategies since the previous class, since I feel this is probably my weakest area right now. I didn’t do too badly against the first guy. He managed to block my knee cut pass with his leg, so I tried to put all my weight on both his legs, in order to neutralize his defense. I must have inadvertently let up on my pressure somehow, because he ended up rolling out from underneath me. I improvised by taking his back, which is a good thing. However, my goal was to execute one of the guard passes that I had been working on, which I didn’t get to do. I did think of trying the pry pass when he blocked me with his leg, but he had already transitioned to something else before I could execute the move. For the second guy, I tried a popular guard break from the knees, but ended up getting swept with the sit up sweep instead. I was so intent on making the guard break work, that I didn’t even see the sit up sweep coming until it was too late to recover my base. It reminds me of the movie Top Gun, when Maverick breaks off from his wingman to go after Viper. He was so intent on getting a missile lock on Viper, that he failed to notice Jester coming up on his rear. To make matters worse, the guy that swept me is really good at keeping his chest on top of your face (making it difficult to breathe), and your feet hooked, when he mounts you. Thanks to my Roy Harris defensive arm placement, he was unable to sink in the Ezekiel. However, he did do a good job of preventing me from getting my feet into proper position to either trap and roll him, or at least make him shift his weight off me so I could have a bit more breathing room…literally! I think I would have eventually got my feet into place, but the bell rang, ending the match.

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