My goal is to make my defense so good, that I become all but impossible to submit. To that end, I continued my not losing streak again tonight. The second guy came close to submitting me, after taking my back, but I defended from that position until the bell rang. He tried the Rickson Gracie trick where you pry the person’s forehead up with one arm while you slip the other arm around the person’s throat. However, since that was how I was caught in the rear naked choke before, I was ready for it, and defended it by continually pushing his arm off my forehead with one arm while protecting my throat with the other. From now on, my strategy will be to only try for submissions or escapes if it doesn’t place me in danger. That means that I won’t be submitting a lot of people until my guard passing and guard defense improves. In any case, I still need work on escapes. I’m never going to be able to advance my own position until I can learn to do more than just survive in bad positions. I need to perfect my escapes in order to move the ball down the field. In fact, the only reason the second guy took my back was because of a mistimed escape attempt from the bottom of the turtle position.

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