Good class on the fundamentals of the triangle and the high guard today. My ribs don’t generally pose a problem during warmup and drilling. It’s only when we get to live sparring that I have trouble. The issue now doesn’t seem to be my ribs so much as my lower back and the side muscles that support the ribs. The sparring is stretching them and straining them during this portion of class. I’ve been icing the area right after each class, which seems to do the trick. However, I’m hoping to get past the muscle strains within the next week or two. Incidentally, I had a similar problem during Navy bootcamp years ago. I strained my side at the time, and without Motrin, I’m not sure I could have done the 51 pushups required to graduate from bootcamp. Another issue I’m having with the Sunday morning beginner BJJ class is that only about 1/4 or less of the students are legitimate beginners. The rest are a mixture of blue belts and near blue (a year or more of experience). Especially with my side the way it is, I’m not winning many matches. One good aspect to this is that constantly going against more experienced people exposes all the holes in your game much quicker. In martial arts, you generally learn more by losing than by winning. That being the case, I must be learning a lot!

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