Yesterday, I went to see the doctor about my ribs. The doctor said it was a bad bruise, and possibly a hairline fracture, but that my liver and lungs were fine. He told me no jiu jitsu for three weeks. I was hoping to avoid laying off training, but the doctor seemed pretty insistent. I have decided to keep my regular class schedule, but just watch from the sidelines. When I went today, the instructor asked me what had happened. When I told him what the doctor said, he didn’t think I would need to stay away so long. He thought, as long as I didn’t mind the pain, it wouldn’t be a problem to train through it. One of the other instructors praised me for coming to class anyway, even if it was just to watch. I’ll have to ask the opinions of a few of the other coaches, and see how I feel, before deciding whether I should wait the full three weeks.

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