2011 Grapplers Quest World Championships Results


The Crazy 88 Competition Teams were on display again this weekend. The Muay Thai crew to the Buck Grant Smoker Fights in Virginia Beach and the BJJ team to Asbury Park New Jersey for the Grapplers Quest Pro-Am Series. As 2011 winds down and the New Year approaches the new Brazilian Jiu Jitsu season approaches as well. For the competition team members this is a highly anticipated season coming up. The mid atlantic grappling circuit is a great place to get some matches to fine tune and test your techniques against decent opponents.

Crazy 88 sent a handful of competitors from the white and blue belt roster as well as a children’s team member. Al Washington, Fred Thomsen, Chris Tran and Travis Outten would lead the way for the Blue Belts. White Belts: Mike Kellogg, Chris Kim and Kids Team Competitor Jack Gallagher were ready to go as well.

Al “Big Sal” Washington- continues to compete on a regular basis year in and year out and ends up taking 1st in his Blue Belt Gi division and 2nd in his Advanced No Gi division. Big Al just wrapped up the MMA competition season so look for him as he transitions back onto the international BJJ scene this year.

Fred Thomsen – In a miraculous turn of events Fred’s shoulder healed and he returned to action this weekend. Unfortunately he was not able to execute the way he wanted to do and would falter early in the tournament. The good news is Fred is healthy and he will be back to regular action.

Fred "Brad" Pearson returned to action this weekend.

Fred “Brad” Pearson returned to action this weekend.

Chris “Short Round” Tran- Only a youngster in high school Tran Bumps up to the Adult Blue Belt and the Adult Intermediate No Gi Divisions. Chris battled his way to the finals of both his Gi and No Gi brackets and met his Camp Springs teammate Jamile in the finals both times. Although they battle each other all the time in training, today Chris would take home two silver medals. Or “spoons” as some competition team members call them. Chris fought well and will look to make a permanent jump to the Adult divisions on the IBJJF scene.

Travis Outten – Travis would have some challenging matches that did not go his way but he will no doubt use these to improve his techniques and approach.

Mike Kellogg – Always up for a challenge Mike is constantly trying to improve. Mike had some trouble with certain positions that ultimately costed him the match. Im sure we will see Mike correcting his techniques this week in C.G. and in his private lesson sessions.

Chris “Japanese Emo Nsync Break Dance Fighter” Kim – Do not let the nickname fool you. Chris Kim was all business this weekend. After almost rearranging the tendons in his knee a few months ago at the Miami International Open Chris Kim wanted the gold medal this time around! Chris pieced it all together this weekend and pulled cleared out his bracket to take home 1st place with a 12-0 victory (closing out the bracket with fellow teammate, Dan Russo. FINALLY!!!

Daniel “La” Russo – took home a gold in the Executive White Belt and closed out the Adult White Belt with Chris Kim.

Jack Gallagher- Jack is one of Crazy 88’s newer Kids Competition Team members. Saturday was his first competition and he has been looking very sharp in training leading up to the tournament. Although Jack didnt get the results he was hoping for he did get the experience that he needs to be a complete martial artist and a respectable young man. Learning how to deal with your success and your failures is very important. Jack cant wait to get back out there!

Its common for the Crazy 88 Competition Team to never be satisfied. Whether its a win or a loss the team is expected to be back on the mats as soon as possible. All of these gentleman will be on the Combat Gold mats Monday night! Keep your eyes open for the next string of local tournaments. The International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation’s European Open will be the years first official tournament and will take place in Lisbon, Portugal at the end of January. The A- team roster will be in full effect for that one!

Team Lloyd Irvin won the Overall Adult Team Title again!

Team Lloyd Irvin won the Overall Adult Team Title again!

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