Female Librarian Receives Crazy 88 Blue Belt!

Yeah, yeah yeah, another Crazy 88 BJJ team picture!

Yeah, yeah yeah, another Crazy 88 BJJ team picture!

The ranks of Crazy 88 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu colored belts grew tonight as Monica Barlow, a librarian, received the rank of BJJ Blue Belt.

Y U Mad Tho?

Y U Mad Tho?

In late 2010, the Crazy 88 staff realized that drastic action must be taken in order to shock some life into the female students who had become lethargic and complacent. To this end, a librarian and babysitter, the most unsuspecting of all people, was chosen to be speed tracked in the competitive Jiu Jitsu program. She was separated from her life barhopping through Federal Hill and window-shopping at Anthropologie and forced into a tortuous training regimen.

This was actually not staged... her hands did that on their own!

This was actually not staged… her hands did that on their own!

Tears were shed.   Fake knee injuries were had.  But she persevered and progressed. Winning Silver at the Chicago International BJJ Open. She followed this up with a Gold at the Chicago WInter BJJ Open, a Bronze at the PanAms, and a Gold at the Phoenix BJJ Open.

Now she represents Crazy 88 as a Blue Belt, a responsibility bestowed to less than 40 people over 6 years of operations. But with her old life pulling her back and the looming challenge of the World Championships facing her, what does the future hold for Monica Barlow?

"Fate rarely calls upon us at the moment of our choosing." ~ Optimo Primo

“Fate rarely calls upon us at the moment of our choosing.” ~ Optimo Primo

As Conan the Barbarian’s chronicler would say, “that is a story for another time…” In the meantime, congratulations to the newest member of Crazy 88’s BJJ Blue Belt squad!

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