Lolito, Fillers, and Sirico Impressive at 2011 NAGA Worlds

Sunday was not just Mothers Days but also the day for Children and Teens to compete at the North American Grappling Association Championship. Crazy 88 Sent three competitors:

Gerardo Lolito Trevino- Teens Advanced (2nd place no gi; 3rd place gi)
Seth Fillers- Kids Advanced (3rd place gi)
Megan Sirico- Kids Beginner (2nd place no gi 1st place gi)

While most people were spending time with their loved ones, these little champions were tearing up the competition mats in Morristown, New Jersey. First up from Crazy 88 was Lolito Trevino. Lolito is materializing into a seasoned competitor. He was able to utilize his strong wrestling ability in his first No Gi match to beat another wrestler in the final seconds 4-2.

In the finals, Lolito faced a tough BJJ player from Tennessee. Lolito fought hard but ended up getting caught with a kimura. As tough as the matches where he was still not done. Coach Jon quickly went over some adjustments to the game plan for the gi matches and instructed lolito to “GI UP” and get ready. Lolito would not have any “easy matches” on the day and had to fight the same competitor he just went against in the No Gi finals. This would turn out to be Lolitos best match of the day, he followed the game plan well and ended up losing by only an advantage. Coach Jon was very impressed by the composure shown by Lolito Trevino.

Trevino (right) is getting valuable experience and developing into a tough competitor for Crazy 88.

Trevino (right) is getting valuable experience and developing into a tough competitor for Crazy 88.

Megan Sirico took the mats next and faced a fierce competitor from the always tough K Dojo. The match ended quickly with a takedown, pass, mount, and Americana. In the finals, Megan made a crucial mistake by going for a “head lock” style thrown and ended up getting her back taken and submitted. Good thing for Megan that the mistake made was very fixable and the proper adjustments were made. In the Gi, she faced the same girls again in the same order (something that often happens in grappling tournaments and this makes for good competition friendship). The competitor from K Dojo would not go down without a fight in the Gi. Although the score was 12-0 each girl fought hard to the end. In the finals, Megan faced the girl the beat her in no gi. This young lady was from Ricardo Almeidas school in New Jersey. The match was very different from the previous one. Megan came out on top with a 4-2 victory. Nicely done!

Finally, Seth Fillers division was called. In No Gi he fought a familiar foe from JJ MMA. Seth gave up a takedown early on. While aggressive off his back, Seth was unable to make up the point difference and went out of the No Gi portion early. Seth would come back strong in the gi and racked up nearly 20 points before submitting his first opponent. Seth would then face a very experienced grappler from the Lynxx Academy. Seth was in top position attacking the guard past for nearly the entire match before giving up an advantage for a brabo choke in the final seconds losing a close one. GOOD MATCH!

Good job to the kids that came out and fought hard! and thank you to the families that joined them!

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