How I Won the Chicago NAGA by Roberto Torralbas

Roberto Torralbas’ Results

  • Adult No-Gi Advance Welterweight (<170 lbs) – GOLD
  • Adult Gi Purple Belt Lightweight (<175 lbs) – GOLD

I won the no-gi advance, and the purple belt 175 and under divisions. In the process, I submitted one brown belt in my first match of the no-gi advance with that Monson Choke I showed in class :) The match went as follows: arm drag to take down, passed guard twice, then the choke. Then I won my 2nd match in overtime by take down since it was 4-4 in regular time – I took him down, got swept, swept him right back, and then he put me in a triangle which I managed to get out but they gave him 2 points (NAGA rules!). In OT, I took him down and almost passed his guard to win.


Roberto sizing up his no-gi opponent

My final match was against a Brazilian black belt (that’s what I heard). He pulled guard and was searching for submission, while I was trying to open his guard. I risk a little bit by exposing my arm and he fails at the submission but now his guard is open (he gets no points because he wasn’t close). I proceed to pass but he gives me a hard time. I put him in half guard and get very close to passing but he pushes away for his life. We both go for ankle locks no one taps, overtime! We start over time and I switch strategy on him and sit into an open guard and quickly transition into half guard. I do the Marcelo 1/2-guard to X-guard (Danny helped me with this and I have already thanked him for it) and almost get the sweep.


Roberto fighting from the 1/2 guard


Roberto working the pass

Roberto working the pass


As I stand up to sweep him, he pulls guard. I pass to 1/2- guard and work to pass. Time runs out. Referee gives me the decision which I thought was fair since I did come very close to sweeping him in overtime and was more aggressive in the bottom and top games. Of course the Brazilian dude and his friends were not happy (you know how that goes). He screams, waves his hands, etc.

In the gi division, my first opponent pulls guard but I step back leaving him in open guard and I proceed to pass his guard with collar-sleeve pass. He defends, but I pass, by going into half guard. He pulls me again in half guard and I pass again (I’m up 6-0) . Then I do the “I’ll choke you or I’ll choke myself choke ” I showed in your school (which I learned from Jacare) and the match is over fairly quick. My second match was against the same guy in I fought in my second match of the no-gi division. I find out fairly quickly he is very good Judo guy with a sensational foot sweep! He takes me down but as I fall I turn around quickly and take him down (Score is 2 to advantage). Then I proceed to pass and am now up 5 to advantage. Finally, I bread-cutter choked him.


Roberto dominating BJJ purple belts

Roberto dominating BJJ purple belts


My last match was against a guy who had beaten two PanAm semi-finalists (one weight class below the one I competed). He armbarred the first one, then beat the other by a good amount of points. He was one of the friends of the black belt I had beaten earlier who was complaining. We started on the feet, trying to take each other down. He goes for foot sweep, I defend and go for Ippon Seionagi, and he defends. He pulls guard. I begin to pass by lifting him and as I lift he stands up. He tries a sacrifice throw which I defend, and then he goes for a series of sweeps, which I also defend but in the process knees me in the lip, drawing blood. I get a bit angry. I pulled into Margarida. He comes close to passing after I fail a scissor sweep, but I manage to get into half guard (I’m down an advantage). then I do . I sweep with the Garcia 1/2-guard to X-guard sweep and almost pass so he turns to his back (2 to advantage) and then I take his back (6 to advantage). He manages to escape into 1/2- guard but I pass again. Final score was 9 to advantage.

Congrats to Roberto on two more medals swords for the collection!


Swords and Medals for Roberto at NAGA Chicago

Swords and Medals for Roberto at NAGA Chicago

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