July 22, 2020

Classes Restarting

Martial Arts School in Owings Mills MD

**** Class Registration for Current Clients – Link ****

As of June 22nd, we will be open for distanced classes and closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation.  Class schedules can be found on their respective location pages (ELKRIDGE | OWINGS MILLS).

Phase 2 Preventative Measures Starting 6/22

  1. Guests will be screened upon entry.
  2. Masks are required in common areas for individuals ages 9+. Guests who have underlying conditions that make them unable to wear a face covering are not required to.
  3. Training areas will be limited to participants and coaches only. We respectfully ask parents to wait in the car and for clients to limit use of common areas such locker rooms.
  4. If you have traveled out-of-state or visited a high-risk environment, please take 1 week before returning to regular training.
  5. Avoid training if you feel sick, have a fever, or have any impairments to breathing.
  6. Arrive dressed for class and be prepared to leave promptly so that we can get the next class started on time.
  7. Bring your own water / fluids.
  8. Disinfect training equipment and clean your uniforms after every practice.
  9. Training equipment and mats will be disinfected after each class.

Other Notes

  • Due to occupancy restrictions,  clients will have to register for classes.  Class registration will probably be up by Wednesday night.
  • All classes on the schedule are distanced (unless otherwise noted).
  • The class schedule will be updated weekly as restrictions are eased with the intention of moving toward a full pre-lockdown schedule.
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