Owings Mills

Owings Mills (Baltimore County)

Crazy 88 was founded in 2005 by Julius Park with the intention of providing a truly world-class Martial Arts training environment in a positive, family-oriented atmosphere. He envisioned a location where an average person could begin training, and if he or she truly wanted it, could reach the highest level of combat sports – all in one place. He also believed that one did not to “water down” the martial arts in order to run a successful program and that people would prefer an honest and challenging system to a fake easy one.

Crazy 88 Mixed Martial Arts
5 Easter Ct, Suite E
Owings Mills, MD 21117
(410) 999-1064

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Overall, my experience here has been great. It’s top notch training, in my opinion. I had very excellent training also in Taekwondo and so I base pretty much everything off of that and this is right up there if not even better than what I received formally. Taekwondo, it was a good base for me to start with, but I felt like it was kind of lacking in practicality for me. I wanted to just become more well-rounded of a martial artist. It has boosted my confidence exponentially for the last 7 years and I continue to do it not just for the fitness of it, but for that mental aspect of it.

- Jenna Gramalini, Air Force Linguist