Two Competitors Came Home 2018 Masters World Champions

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Baltimore BJJ purple and blue belts Amanda Riggs and Jason Smith beats competition at 2018 Masters Worlds

Amanda Riggs and Jason Smith become 2018 IBJJF Masters World Champions

Crazy 88 Mixed Martial Arts had another successful year at the 2018 IBJJF Master’s World Championship. With its biggest team to date, 14 competitors traveled to Las Vegas. Two competitors came home Masters World Champions – Amanda Riggs and Jason Smith – and three others brought home a silver and three bronze medals. Two Crazy 88 kid competitors also came home with bronze medals.

The Masters World Championships (ages 30+) continues to grow in size, making it one of the biggest events held by the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation. This year, the organizers combined four tournaments into one by adding the International Novice IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championship, the Kids International IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championship, and the Las Vegas Summer International Open Gi & No Gi IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championships. There were over 8,000 registered competitors (up from 4,320 in 2017), over four days, and across 26 mats (up from 20 mats last year). The events were held on August 22 through 25 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Day 1 – August 23

First on deck was Navarro Chamberlain and Lloyd Washington Piar, both competing in the Masters 1 Blue Belt Super-Heavy Weight Division. Chamberlain beat his first opponent with an arm bar submission, then won his second match 19-3 on points. Following, he won a very close match 2-2 on points and 2-1 on advantages to enter the Semi-Finals. Chamberlain’s next opponent verbally tapped after getting his arm injured during the grip fight at the beginning of the match. He lost in the Finals and brought home a Silver Medal at his first Masters Worlds Championships. Chamberlain later entered the Masters 1 Blue Belt Open Weight Division. He got a bye in the first round. Chamberlain then submitted his second opponent with a foot lock. He lost in the Semi-Finals and brought home a Bronze Medal from the absolute division.

Piar went up on the adjacent mat. His first opponent was DQ’d for no show. He won his first match on points 8-7 with 3 advantages. He lost on points in the Quarter-Finals.

To finish the day, Monica Barlow won three matches in the Masters 1 Blue Belt Light Weight Division and brought home the Bronze Medal for the team. Barlow won her first match via triangle against a very strong body builder. She won her second match on points 2-0 with a sweep from 50/50. Barlow also beat her third opponent with a triangle submission from spider guard. She lost on points in the Semi-Finals match.

Day 2 – August 24

Jason Smith, father of six and coach of the Juniors class, competed in the Masters 5 Blue Belt Light Feather Weight Division. He had a dominant run through three matches. He won his first match by shoulder lock from the reverse triangle position. Then, Smith won the Semi-Finals match 9-0 and won the Finals 8-0 with 2-0 advantages and no points scored on him throughout the day. He became Crazy 88’s first Gold Medalist for the 2018 tournament.

Warren Lockhart won one match via triangle arm bar submission after being down on points, but lost his second match in the Master 2 Blue Belt Middle Weight Division.

Day 3 – August 25 – Masters

Five purple belt competitors competed simultaneously. First, Amanda Riggs was in the Masters 1 Purple Belt Feather Weight Division. Riggs had a total of four matches to win the Gold Medal. She won her first and third matches by arm bar submissions and her second match on points. She proceeded to triangle her opponent in 45 seconds to win the Finals match. She was able to repeat her winning victory from last year at the next belt rank.

On a mat across the venue, Lakita Patterson competed in the Masters 1 Purple Belt Light Weight Division. Her first opponent was DQ’d for no show. Patterson won her second match 8-4 on points. She also won her second match on points to enter the Semi-Finals. She lost a close match on points and brought home the Bronze Medal for the Crazy 88 women’s team.

Eduardo Viana, Leona Mansapit, Michael Silverman, and Lindsey Barry also competed at the tournament.

Crazy 88 kids team competes in brazilian Jiu Jitsu at IBJJF Las Vegas

Coach Vannessa Griffin with kids competitors Zeta, Trey, and Devon in Las Vegas

Kids Competitors (Day 3 Continued)

Coach Vannessa Griffin traveled with three members of the kids program and their families to compete in Las Vegas. Zeta and Devon brought home Bronze medals and Trey also competed at this event. Zeta won her first match beating a girl her teammate lost to earlier in the season. She lost her second match. Devon won his first match by bow and arrow submission and putting his opponent unconscious. He also lost his second match. Both Crazy 88 kids were able to have excellent performances overall.

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