Crazy 88 Girls Collect 4 Silvers at IBJJF Pan 2018

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With all team members making progress, the Crazy 88 girls collect 4 silvers at IBJJF Pan 2018 Championships. The team is coming back with renewed confidence and their eyes set on the 2018 World Championships as they will make their run for gold.

Baltimore BJJ females takes IBJJF Pans silver medals

Crazy 88 Girls win Silvers in Blue and Brown Belt Divisions

Day 1 – Purple Belt Males

Byung Ju Lee competed on the first day of the tournament in Irvine, California. He won his first match 9-2, beat his second opponent 11-0, and lost in the QuarterFinals to a close match. Overall, he showed improvement and had a good performance.

Day 2 – Blue Belt Females

The second day continued in a similar fashion where all competitors ended with solid performances, notably from Kayla Dehm and Leah Mayes.

Dehm came out with a bang and submitted her first opponent by arm bar. She won her second match 2-0 and brought home the Silver medal in the Adult Blue Belt Medium-Heavy Division. Dehm continued her winning streak in the Open Class later that day. She won her first match 5-0 on advantages, her second match by one advantage, and her third match 2-0. Mean Dehm returned home with a second Silver medal in the Blue Belt Open Division fighting well overall.

Mayes won her first match by referee’s decision. She beat her second opponent 7-0. Mayes also won the SemiFinals match by an advantage and lost in the Finals 5-5 and 0-1 on advantages. She snatched up the Silver medal in her second year in the Adult Blue Belt Middle Division.

Michelle Ho won her first match 2-0 and lost her second. Olivia Obogoagha also competed on day two.

Day 3 – Brown and Black Belts

Vannessa Griffin was the star of Day 3 with a strong performance in her first major tournament at brown belt. She won her first match by three advantages and she beat her second opponent 2-0. She came away with the Silver medal in the Adult Brown Belt Light Division.

Tye Ryan Murphy went 1-1 for the day in the Masters 1 Medium Heavy Division. Brian Anderson also competed and took his first loss at a tournament since he start Jiu Jitsu less than one year ago.

Day 4 – Black Belts

Tim Spriggs won his first match by an advantage and lost his second on point. He took home the Bronze Medal in the Adult Black Belt Heavy Division. The day prior, Spriggs won his first match in the Adult Black Belt Open Division on points 7-0 and he lost his second match.

It was a successful showing this year, where Crazy 88 girls collect 4 silvers at IBJJF Pan 2018 and Crazy 88 Black Belt locked in 1 Bronze.

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