The Future is Bright: Crazy 88 Kids Reach Podium at IBJJF Pan Kids

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Baltimore BJJ kids team travels to IBJJF Pan Kids Championships

The Future is Bright: Crazy 88 Kids Reach Podium at IBJJF Pan Kids

The Future is Bright: Crazy 88 Kids Reach Podium at IBJJF Pan Kids Jiu Jitsu Championships 2018! This year marks the second that aspiring competitor and kids coach Vannessa Griffin traveled with a team of 14 Crazy 88 Kids to the Pan Kids Championships in Long Beach, California. Putting in extra work in competition classes, the kids all made progress in their jiu jitsu learning and their competition goals this year.

Notable performances came from these competitors (pictured above):

  • Taiwan went 3-1 and won Silver in Junior 1 Grey Belt! He had a barn-burner match in the semifinals when he had to battle back from a takedown. Awesome job!
  • Georell submitted three opponents, all via triangle-arm bar, and brought home the Bronze medal from the 2018 Pan Kids.
  • Zeta won the Bronze medal after a dominant paintbrush win in her first match. She competed in the Grey Belt Junior 2 division.
  • After taking Silver last year in the Grey Belt division, Trey debuted in the Yellow Belt where he took Bronze. He had two hard fought matches (3-0 and 0-2).

First Up – Pee Wee Team

Latham and Chris finish their first opponents with quick triangles to advance to the second round. Latham and Chris go out in quarters to arm bars.

Parker wins first match by referees decision and loses second round on points, couldn’t quite finish the arm bar at the end.

Next Up – Juniors and Teens

Taiwan and Georell led off the Juniors teams with dominant wins, Taiwan by 4 points and Georell by triangle-arm bar. Taiwan won two more and loses finals to take second. Georell won two more and loses in semis to take third.

Trey went 1-1 and takes third. Zeta went 1-1 and takes third. Gets her first IBJJF win in three years!

Overall, the Crazy 88 Kids did a great job! They finished with two bronze medals and a silver medal in the gray belt divisions and a bronze medal in the yellow belt division. Their overall win record increased from the year before and their performances showed a lot of heart and improvement.


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