4th Place Team for Crazy 88 at 2016 IBJJF NY Pro

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As a team Crazy 88 Mixed Martial Arts finished in 4th Place for Adult Academies at the IBJJF New York Pro Championship 2016. What’s remarkable about the team victory is that Team Lloyd Irvin had a total of 18 competitors overall, 9 were from the Crazy 88 Elkridge location and 5 from Crazy 88 Owings Mills. The second and third place teams had 30-40 competitors at the tournament. Needless to say, Crazy 88 had fewer competitors but each placed high within their respective Weight and Open Divisions.

There were many stars across the board at Crazy 88 – most notably the blue belt males and women’s team. Crazy 88 Elkridge entered two of its aspiring blue belt men—Brandon Simms and Andrew Carter—both of which dominated their divisions as well as the the Heavy and Light Weight Open Divisions on the quest for gold and the prize money.

Baltimore BJJ blue belt Brandon Simms wins three matches in 2016 New York Pro

Brandon Simms takes Gold in Blue Belt Medium Heavy Division

Brandon Simms won the Gold Medal in the Blue Belt Medium Heavy Division after winning three matches. He choked his first opponent via bow and arrow with 11-0 points, won his second match 5-0, and submitted via wrist lock in the finals with 11-0 on points. Next, he entered the Heavy Open Class Division (medium to ultra-heavy weights) and took home the Silver Medal, coming up short in the finals. He won his first match by a lot of points, he tapped his second opponent with a 13-0 lead, and won his third match equally by a lot of points in the SemiFinals.

Andrew Carter also won the Silver Medal in the Blue Belt Feather Division with quiet a run in a large division. Carter won his first match 4-2, won his second match 6-0, he choked his third opponent from the back, and submitted his opponent via omoplata choke in the SemiFinals. Carter also entered the Light Open Class Division (rooster to light weights) and took home the Silver Medal, coming up shy in the finals. He won his first match by bow and arrow submission and the second match on points. This was the first time for him to medal at an IBJJF tournament and he brought home two Silver Medals overall.

Baltimore BJJ women’s team win multiple divisions in 2016 New York Pro

Crazy 88 Women’s Team Win 8 out of 9 matches in Weight Division – 3 Gold, 1 Silver (close-out), 1 Bronze

The Crazy 88 women’s team were equally the stars of the event this year; combined they brought home three gold, one silver (by closeout), and one bronze for the day winning a total of 8 matches with only one loss in their respective Weight Divisions.

Leah Mays entered her first IBJJF tournament since her belt promotion in September and she came away with a Gold Medal in the Blue Belt Middle Weight Division with wins in two tough matches by advantages.

Baltimore BJJ blue belt Leah Mays wins two matches at 2016 New York Pro

Leah Mays takes Gold in Blue Belt Middle Division


Tori Kime competed in her second blue belt tournament since her promotion over the summer and came away with the Silver Medal by close-out in the Blue Belt Light Feather Weight Division. She had two matches and finished each of her opponents via triangle choke with her cat-like guard.

Baltimore BJJ blue belt Tori Kim submits two girls at 2016 New York Pro

Tori Kim wins Silver in Blue Belt Light Feather Division, closes-out with TLI Roya Darvishian

Vannessa Griffin won the Gold Medal in the Purple Belt Middle Weight Division. She didn’t compete as well as she has performed in the past but was still able win both her matches over her competitors; she won two matches both on advantages.

Baltimore BJJ purple belt Vannessa Griffin beats two girls at 2016 New York Pro

Vannessa Griffin wins Gold in Purple Belt Light Division

Kayla Dehm had no challenging opponents in the Ultra-Heavy Weight Division. She went straight to the Open Division where she won two matches to take home the Bronze Medal in the women’s Blue Belt Open Division. She won her first match 5-2. Most notably, in the SemiFinals match she threw up a flying triangle, but was unable to finish the submission landing her third in the Open Division.

Amanda Riggs came up short in her quest for gold this tournament, bringing home the Bronze Medal in the adult Blue Belt Feather Weight Division. She won her first match via triangle, won her second match 12-0, but came up short in the SemiFinals.

Chris Tran fought up a weight class in the Brown Belt Light Feather Division bringing home the Gold Medal. He won his first match 3-0 and won the Finals match 8-0 at his second tournament at Brown Belt.

Baltimore BJJ brown belt Chris Tran beats two guys at 2016 New York Pro

Chris Tran wins Gold in Brown Belt Light Feather Division

Byung Ju Lee came away just shy of winning his division. He brought home the Silver Medal in his second tournament at his new belt in the Purple Belt Light Weight Division. He won his first match 2-0, his second match by an advantage, his third match by a winning sweep, and lost a judge’s decision in the finals of his weight class.

Congrats to all the Crazy 88 competitors!

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