Washington Earns Spot in UAE Sheikh’s Personal BJJ Kumite

The gang embarked on yet another crazy fun-filled tournament adventure. This time we headed to New York for the Abu Dhabi trials, the last one held in the United States for the opportunity to win a free all-expenses paid trip to Abu Dhabi to compete. Because the Sheik is a huge fan of Jiu-Jitsu, he sponsors the winners of the Open class (all weights permitted) to compete in his home town.

Your #1 driver Big Sal aka the “get-a-way’ driver met the gang in front of crazy 88 Friday night for the long drive, among the crew were Amanda Riggs, who graciously volunteered to cheers us on even though not competing, Kayla Dehm, and Lauren Crino. We were then off to embark on another grand Crazy 88 adventure!! About half way through the trip we needed to stop for gas at rest stop and ran into Sugie, the Judo master, from Camp Springs with his family on his way to the same tournament. With Sal refueled with some Starbucks the team safely made it to the hotel in Brooklyn.

Crazy 88 BJJ Team

A small squad of Crazy 88 competitors made the trip to NYC to compete in the UAE Jiu-Jitsu Federation’s NY Event.

The next morning we decided that we would need to leave by 8:00am to make the tournament for weigh ins, the gang had waffles for breakfast but Sal did not approve because the food selection was not to his standards. We made it to the venue and everyone made weight and Tye and his wife Amanda also joined us as well and were all ready to compete.

The tournament started on time and first up was Lauren. As always Tye was voracious with his coaching and could be heard above all while she was competing. She ended up with 2 wins and one loss and ended up taking bronze in some tough matches.

Ivey League MMA Blue Belt - Lauren Crino

Despite a childhood filled with yachting, going on safari, and equestrian, Lauren displayed great heart in her matches – fighting out of some tough submissions – as she took Bronze.

Next up was Kayla who ended up with one win and one loss for bronze in the weight class. Big Sal was up next in the open weight class and ended up taking Silver as well as Tye after losing in the finals. For the Open, Kayla’s first match against a purple belt yielded a 14-0 win and then she lost her next match to the same person she fought in her weight class.

Crazy 88 BJJ Blue Belt - Kayla Dehm

Mean Dehm went 2-2 for the day but did defeat a Purple Belt in the Womens Open division.

By this time it was almost 7:00PM and Tye and I were the brackets to go of the tournament, we were both tired and baffled as to why were were the last ones to go. First was Tye who redeemed Sal’s loss in the weight class and his own, fighting his way to the finals. Big Sal also avenged Tye’s from the Atlanta Winter Open of BJJ against a tough opponent and some more, to go into the finals! Yes ladies and Gentlemen it was a show down between Big Sal and Beast they call Tye. After a bloody yet friendly match Big Sal came out the victor by Tye’s gracious hand but we put on a good show for the crowd. Big Sal’s toughest opponent of the entire tournament was his teammate, which speaks volumes to the beasts born out of Crazy 88!

Crazy 88 BJJ Brown Belt - Tye Murphy

Tye Murphy reached the finals of the Brown Belt Open division with Alfonso Washington.

All and all, everyone performed well and Big Sal is going back to Abu-Dhabi for the second year in a row!!! Keep reading and enjoying our crazy adventures, love the family of Crazy 88.. OSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!

Crazy 88 Brown Belt - Sal Washington

Big Sal won an all-expenses paid trip to the Middle East to fight for the entertainment of the Oil Overlords.

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