Atlanta Winter Open Competitors Win “1.5th” Place Each

The IBJJF Atlanta Open was the first competition of the year for the majority of the team and we sent fifteen competitors down South for the event.

A few of the competitors that competed in the 2016 Atlanta Winter Open of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

A few of the competitors that competed in the 2016 Atlanta Winter Open of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

We ended up with a combined record of 39-16 (71% winning percentage) with 15 total competitors. 10 Competitors left with Winning Records, 4 competitors left with even records, and only one competitor had a losing record.

Team Points – the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation awards 9 team points for 1st place, 3 team points for 2nd place, and 1 team point for 3rd place. I only count EARNED team points which means I discount team points if a competitor was in a division alone (and thus won first place) or medaled without winning any matches.

Using that criteria, we scored 74 team points so on average, each competitor was responsible for 4.93 EARNED TEAM POINTS. Very good statistic that places the average competitor bringing home somewhere between 2nd and 1st place.

I’m also very happy with the composition of the group. We had a solid mix of White Belts through Brown Belts and men and women. Also, we had four competitors making their IBJJF debut, planting the seeds for future success.

Individual placements below.

Leah Mays – Silver at Adult Female White Belt Light

Kayla Dehm – Silver at Adult Female Blue Belt Heavy
Amanda Riggs – Bronze at Adult Female Blue Belt Feather & Bronze in Open
Lauren Crino – Gold at Adult Female Blue Belt Light

Byung Ju Lee – Gold at Adult Blue Belt Light & Silver in the Open
Brandon Simms – Bronze at Adult Blue Belt Middle Heavy & Bronze in the Open

Chris Tran – Silver at Adult Purple Belt Light Feather
Vannessa Griffin – Gold at Adult Purple Belt Light & Bronze in the Open
Jeff Mueller – Gold at Master 3 Purple Belt Light

Tye Murphy – Gold at Adult Brown Belt Open
Alfonso Washington – Gold at Master 1 Brown Belt Open & Silver at Ultra

Alfonso Washington - Crazy 88 Jiu Jitsu competitor

Alfonso Washington bumped up to Master 1 Brown Belt after no one registered in Adult and took Gold in the Open Division with 4 victories.

2016 Atlanta Winter BJJ Open - Tye Murphy

Tye Murphy came back strong to win the Brown Belt Open. He won his first match 8-0 and submitted his finals opponent with a body triangle.

Third Law BJJ's Katy Torralbas & Crazy 88's Vannessa Griffin

Vannessa Griffin and Katy Torralbas closed out the Female Purple Belt Lightweight division and both medaled in the Open.

Chris Duyquan Tran was a little butthurt he lost.

Chris Tran with a water bottle on his face.

Jeff Mueller - Crazy 88 BJJ competitor

Jeff Mueller, following Coach Keith Cebula’s advice, trained sparingly and won Gold in the Masters 3 Purple Belt division.

Crazy 88 Jiu Jitsu competitor - Brandon Simms

Brandon Simms took Bronze in both his weight class and the Open at Adult Blue Belt

Crazy 88 competitor - Byung Ju Lee

Byung Ju Lee, pictured here in 2nd place, ended up with a 9-1 record for the day, losing the finals of the Blue Belt Open by Advantage.

Crazy 88 Jiu Jitsu competitor - Amanda Riggs

New Crazy 88 team member, Amanda Riggs, took double Bronze, despite fighting in the Featherweight category.

Ivey League Jiu Jitsu competitor - Lauren Crino

Breakout star of the event was 17-year old Lauren Crino who made her IBJJF debut – winning 4 matches and Gold at the Blue Belt Lightweight division.

2016 Atlanta Winter BJJ Open - Chris Tran

Chris Tran – again with a water bottle on his face.

Crazy 88 Jiu JItsu competitor - Kayla Dehm

Coming off a serious elbow injury, Kayla Dehm won 3 matches and earned a Silver medal in the Super-Heavy class.

Leah Mays - Crazy 88 BJJ competitor

Leah Mays, the “Hope of Owings Mills” won Silver in the White Belt Middleweight division.

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