Kindergarten Teacher Makes Front Page of the Baltimore Sun

Just like any other competitor at Crazy 88, Sophia Baratta immersed herself into a routine of strict dieting and multiple hours of training each week. Once in a while, she fought in amateur Muay Thai Kickboxing events and at one point, taught the women’s only striking classes. All of this would occur after a long day of teaching a full Kindergarten class in Baltimore. Then, at the age of 29, Sophia was diagnosed with a rare form of diabetes and her story was featured in the 357th edition of the Baltimore Sun.

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Sophia Baratta, Baltimore County Kindergarten teacher, trains Muay Thai at Crazy 88 Mixed Martial Arts in Elkridge Maryland.

When Sophia was in college, a doctor warned her that her blood-sugar levels were a bit higher than normal. Years later, the doctor gave the same warning and told her that she needs to clean up her diet as her symptoms were still aligned with Type 2 diabetes. But there was a problem. Sophia’s strict diet, as aforementioned, consisted mostly of lean protein and vegetables, and excluded sugar.  In response to her doctor’s warnings, Sophia said, “It just didn’t make any sense.” Contrary to the common forms of Type 1 and 2 which are brought on by insulin destroying cells in Type 1 and bad health habits in Type 2, Sophia has a form of diabetes that stems from a genetic mutation and the error was easily explained in a genetic test. Because of this test, Sophia was properly diagnosed with Monogenic diabetes. This form of diabetes makes it so her blood-sugar levels constantly hover at a slight elevation, which was why her doctor thought she had Type 2 diabetes all those years.

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When not participating in Kickboxing classes, Sophia enjoys traveling and watching Game of Thrones.

Because of Sophia, and the few like her, extensive research is being done about how to properly diagnose Monogenic diabetes. The University of Maryland School of Medicine is responsible for this research as they look to develop effective tests to ensure no more mistakes are made in the diagnosis of diabetes, and the different forms of it.

You can read the full article here.

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I told you we’re going light but I’m not going to…

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