BJJ Competitors Shrug Off NY Open Sauna Conditions

The New York Summer Open was held at the City College of New York on July 18th and 19th, 2015. Crazy 88 sent a small team to compete in the first Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competition since the World Championships.  The HVAC system at the CCNY gymnasium always seems to malfunction for the NY Summer Open and this year was no different.

On Saturday, the 18th, Byung Ju Lee fought in the blue belt lightweight division. At about 9:30 AM, Byung Ju stepped on the mats of the excruciatingly hot venue and stepped off roughly 30 seconds later. He won his first match via DQ after his opponent slammed him out of a triangle. A little while later, he went on to win his next two matches 4-0 to enter into the medal rounds. In the semi-finals, Byung Ju was able to get the upper hand on his opponent by scoring 11 points before finishing him with a foot lock. Then, in the finals, Byung Ju swept his opponent mid-match and maintained the top position to become the New York Open champion.


Byung Lee has now won two Regional-level IBJJF tournaments back to back.

On day 2, the Dehm duo, Vincent and Kayla Dehm, were scheduled to compete midday. Vincent “Pastor” Dehm, an experienced wrestler in high school, was getting ready to fight in his first IBJJF tournament. This would be his first athletic competition in 27 years. Vincent’s first match was in the semi-finals of the Masters 2 heavyweight division after his quarterfinals opponent did not show up. The semi-final match went very well as he scored six points before submitting his opponent.  In the finals, Vince lost a hard-fought match 3-2 and went on to take second place.

Father-Daughter combo, Vince & Kayla Dehm, both medaled at the IBJJF NY Summer Open.

Two mats down, Kayla Dehm, Vincent Dehm’s daughter, was scheduled to fight at the same time as Vincent. She fought in a 3-man bracket of the white belt super heavyweight division, round-robin style. Due to her beating her opponent 10-0 in the semis, she secured her spot in the finals. Since there were only three people and Kayla’s opponent won her next match, they would face off one more time in the finals. After changing her game plan around and adding new techniques, Kayla Dehm still managed to win the finals 13-0 and become the New York Summer Open champion.
Out of five competitors, three of them took home medals and Team Crazy 88 was happy to get back into competition after the World Championships the month before.  A few of the newer competitors were unfamiliar with the logistics of competing and it was beneficial to have them go through the experience.  Next up, Boston Open in August!

The Bronze medalist in Kayla’s division did not show up for the podium picture

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