Crazy 88 Wows American Muay Thai League Crowd

After a very successful WKA Nationals, the Crazy 88 Muay Thai Fight team was back in the ring… this time in Washington DC, fighting at the American Muay Thai League. The American Muay Thai League is a full-rules event… which means not only punches and kicks, but knees and elbows as well. It also required the fighters to perform a “wai-kru”, a ritual dance before the bout, that is used in all true Muay Thai events. The dance caused more consternation and anxiety than the prospect of getting elbowed in the head. As you can see below, the guys were able to figure it out eventually.

Keemaan Diop’s Wai Kru, the dance before the battle!

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The first Crazy 88 fighter to step into the ring would be Tafon Nchukwi AKA The Cameroon Express. Tafon entered the gym with KO power and a solid chin. Since he started training a year ago, Tafon has been steadily improving his skills (a true heavyweight who can throw headkicks) and conditioning. Tafon got hurt in the early rounds, causing temporary heart problems for his coaches, but maintained his composure. He turned the tables on his opponent in round 4, finishing him off with a barrage of hard punches. Coach Jomal Hargrove called Nchukwi’s match, the Fight of the Night and said that the mistakes were “beginner mistakes… easy to fix.” “The Cameroon Express” improves his record to 3-0.

American Muay Thai League - Tafon - June 2015

The powerful Tafon Nchuckwi TKO’d his opponent in Round 4.

Next up would be the Frenchman Keemaan Diop. The former 145 lb TCB Champion was returning to the ring after losing his title a few months back. His opponent was Leithwei stylist (Burmese Boxing) with a record of 12-8. Diop utilized solid leg kicks and tip-top swag poses (see clip below) and finally TKO’d his opponent in round 4. Keemaan improves his record to 6 victories and 2 defeats. After the fight, Diop said, “J’aurais donné tout et n’importe quoi !”

#Repost @aunglansang ・・・ And that’s how you throw leg kicks, with bad intentions.

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The last fighter of the night would be one of the DMV’s most promising up-and-coming kickboxers, Ricardo Mixco. Holding a record of 8-1 with 2 WKA Nationals titles to his name, Mixco proved he was worthy of his reputation as he finished his opponent in round 4. Mixco improved to 9-1.

Overall, it was a perfect 3-0 night for the Crazy 88 Muay Thai Kickboxing team. Coaches Aungla Nsang and Jomal Hargrove have been working hard with the guys and it showed. Not only are the guys winning but you can see noticeable improvements each and everytime they get out there. Congratulations to all the Fighters and Coaches!

American Muay Thai League - Ricardo Mixco

Ricardo Mixco nabbed his 9th victory in 10 fights with a fourth round finish.

Thanks @nakmuayallstar for the awesome Mongkol and matching armband for our AMTL fights.

Thanks @nakmuayallstar for the awesome Mongkol and matching armband for our AMTL fights.

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