In Nick We Trust: Judo Counterattack Seminar Success

Crazy 88 Mixed Martial Arts was happy to host Judo superstar Nick Delpopolo for another workshop.

From his official website:

Twenty-five year old U.S.A Judo champion Nick Delpopolo is currently ranked #1 in the United States and # 14 in the world. In 2009, when he transitioned from junior to senior athlete, Delpopolo was only positioned at #99 in the world rankings. In 2010 he took the Judo world by storm and moved up an amazing 83 spots, rising to #16 in the world by years end. Delpopolo took Gold at the US Open, Venezuela World Cup, and El Salvador World Cup, Silver at the Samoa World Cup and USA Judo Senior National Championships, and a Bronze at the USA World Cup and Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, finishing 2010 as the top medal winner in his division.

Nick Delpopolo currently trains and competes both in the United States and abroad as he continues his quest to not only be the best in the nation, but to be the best in the world. Each victory brings him one step closer to qualifying for the 2016 Olympics and achieving his dream of becoming the first American male to win an Olympic gold medal in Judo.

Over the last few years, Nick has been working with the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitors at Crazy 88 on their takedowns – specifically on the Kouchi-gari, Seio-nage, and Sticker. ┬áThese three attacks happen to be the most common ones used in Jiu-Jitsu competition.

Watch the Sticker in Action by Coach Tim Spriggs

The focus of the workshop was on COUNTER ATTACKS and DEFENSE to these attacks. While we want to be able to throw our opponents, we wanted to make sure that we would not be “stabbed with our own sword”.

Cross Ankle-Pick Counter to the Sticker

Counter-attacking the Drop Seio-Nage

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