Lots of white belts tonight, which was a nice change of pace. It afforded me an opportunity to work on submission attacks. I sparred with four white belts and two blue belts. I noticed a theme to each match. In each case, I was able to sweep from the bottom and pass their guards. I was able to submit three of the white belts, but none of the blue belts. Where things started to break down for me was in the attack phase. In jiu jitsu, once you have achieved a dominant position, you have two basic options, hold or attack. By holding them, you immobilize them, and make it very difficult for them to escape. By attacking, you create opportunities to submit them. The drawback to attacking is that you can no longer hold them with all of your limbs, since you are now using said limbs to attack. In other words, attacking offers your opponent opportunities to escape the inferior position they are in. The trick is to minimize the window of opportunity your opponent has to escape, once you have mounted your attack. This is where I have identified a weak spot in my game. Because I have not yet specialized in any specific attack, I am unwittingly offering my opponent too many opportunities to escape during the attack phase. If I can settle on one approach to attacking, I can spend a bit of time studying the attack, in the same way I studied the x guard. The challenge is to find an attack sequence that follows naturally from my preferred method of passing the guard. This is my homework for the next week or two. I’m pretty sure I will end up specializing in back attacks, but I I also want to look into Kimuras as well, since I was able to submit several people tonight with the Kimura.

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