What I Wish I Knew as a White Belt by Danny Ives

This is the second in a series of a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu blog posts that asks experienced grappling competitors and coaches a simple question…

What do you know now that you wish you knew as a White Belt?

Today’s respondent is Danny Ives, BJJ Irvin Black Belt, who runs a Mixed Martial Arts Program in Annapolis.


Danny Ives - Runs Team Lloyd Irvin Severna Park

Danny Ives – Runs Team Lloyd Irvin Severna Park


I think that the main thing that i know now that i wish I’d known when I first started training would be the value of position over the submission. I wish I’d have put more work into developing my guard passing and sweeping game over doing all types of submission holds. I think when you first start out all that you care about it going for moves that tap the other person out but in the grand scheme of things the guys that will win more often then not is the one that has a better understanding of staying in good position all the time.

The other thing that I know now that I wish I’d know is to always make yourself coachable. I look back on things and I remember thinking that i knew it all, but i think if I’d done what my teachers had told me, I’d be a lot better off today. My advice to new students is to always have an open mind and listen to the instructors.

Danny Ives
BJJ Black Belt
2001 Pan American Champion
15x NAGA Champion

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