Tonight’s sparring was rather laid back for a Tuesday evening. In fact, I even took a nap right in the middle of class…well, not intentionally! The thing about blood chokes is that they are not painful, so you don’t necessarily always know you’re in danger of passing out. Here’s what happened. I was in the person’s closed guard, defending his attacks and biding my time, when he managed to catch me in a choke. It was a variation of a choke that I’m used to defending, so I wasn’t worried. However, my arm was out of position to defend properly, and before I could get it into position or tap, I passed out. When I woke up, I was on my back looking up at my partner, who had apparently rolled me over while I was out. I initially thought I must have been unconscious for a long time, but he assured me it had only been a matter of a few seconds. It was the first time in two years of jiu jitsu that I actually passed out, although I’ve come close a couple of times. Other than being choked unconscious, I thought the rest of the class went reasonably well. I got a couple of sweeps from my trusty x guard, and even caught one of the smaller blue belts with an arm bar. All in all, a fairly productive class.

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