Tonight was my most successful night yet with single leg x guard. I got at least one sweep against each person I sparred against. For the first time, I didn’t feel the need to transition to 50/50 at all, meaning I was comfortable enough in single leg x to not have to bail on it. I’m beginning to understand why this guard is so effective. Basically, it’s both of my legs and one of my arms against your one leg. My other arm is free to address your other limbs. By controlling one of your legs to that extent, I am able to greatly affect your ability to maintain your balance. I have watched Marcelo Garcia sweep black belt world champion after black belt world champion with this move. Fernando “Tererê” Augusto is the one of the very few world champions I’ve found so far that seemed to have an adequate answer to Marcelo’s signature move, and that may have been because Marcelo had yet to perfect the move, their match taking place in 2003. This is a good match to watch in order to understand how things can go wrong with the move. Knowing how the other guy will try to defeat you will allow you to take preemptive measures against his attempts.

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