Because of the competition this weekend, none of the competition guys were in class tonight. This made for a rather laid back class with mostly newer white belts. One of the white belts has only been doing jiu jitsu for three weeks. I sparred with him, but mainly allowed him to work from closed guard. I would repeatedly pass his closed guard, then allow him to do a shrimp escape so that that he could recover closed guard. I also sparred against a few blue belts, trying to stay with my single leg x guard theme. I feel like I’m improving with the move each class I try it. It’s just a matter of time before I do the single leg x guard so much, that I really will take ownership of the position. I can already feel how I’m three steps ahead of some of the guys after I get into this position, since this is not a guard that a lot of people play on a regular basis.

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