Tonight, I wrestled with the same white belt for the duration of sparring. He was far less technically proficient than me, which meant that whatever position the coach started us in, I was quickly able to progress to a dominant position, and secure a submission. I submitted him with several bow and arrow chokes, an Americana, a triangle/Kimura combo from mount, and a straight ankle lock. This type of one sided victory against white belts has become increasingly common for me, particularly in the last month or so. It reminds me of when I first started coming to the advanced classes as a six month white belt, and getting repeatedly submitted by a couple of the advanced white belts. What happened in the interim is that the vast majority of white belts that were better than me have since been promoted to blue belt, and most of the remaining white belts are far less experienced than me. Sometimes, when I don’t do well against the upper belts, I wonder if I should move down to the white belt class, but then classes like tonight remind me of why I don’t. I have improved dramatically by constantly wrestling people who are far better than me at Jiu jitsu. It can be disheartening at times, but nights like tonight are a vivid reminder that my strategy is starting to pay off.

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