Tonight, we did a good amount of positional sparring. I like it, because it forces you to concentrate on improving specific positions and techniques. We also did at least one free style sparring match, where you are free to try just about anything in the jiu jitsu arsenal. I found myself in the bottom of closed guard at one point, after a botched arm bar attempt from the top of turtle. I actually attempted a guillotine choke for the first time in a long time. It’s one of those moves that I literally learned on the first day of class, but never felt I had enough strength to make it work. Even though I did not submit my opponent tonight, I still felt like maybe I originally discounted the guillotine choke too soon. I think the trick is in setting it up properly, and then committing yourself to the choke once you latch it on. Even though I’m still focused on developing my 50/50 guard at the moment, I definitely think it may be worth it to revisit the guillotine choke from time to time.

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