We went over a lot of moves tonight, but I was particularly happy to be able to work on butterfly guard moves, which is one of my weak areas. Since we ran long on drilling, the coach had us pick just one partner to spar with for 15 minutes. If you have ever watched the UFC, you’ll know that a typical fight is three five minute rounds, with one minute rest periods. Imagine taking out the rest periods, along with the punches and kicks, and you should get an idea of what such a match is like. It is grueling. In my particular case, I had selected a training partner who is roughly my size, but much stronger than me. This match was a tricky one for me, because even though I was able to pass his guard, almost at will, he was so strong, that he could literally bench press me off of him, which he did more than once. It’s one thing to pass someone’s guard, and it’s entirely another thing to stay past when the person is determined to escape.

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