We had a huge class tonight, which is not uncommon for Friday, since people don’t have to work on Saturday. I got a chance to redeem myself somewhat against the college kid who demolished me last Friday. In the week since we last sparred, I learned a defense for the primary method he used to repeatedly pass my guard last Friday. I was able to use the technique to avoid the pass tonight, and get on top. What a difference one new move can make! Not knowing that one move last week resulted in a lopsided victory on his part. With this new move, I was able to shut down his passing game entirely. Still, he was definitely using blue belt jiu jitsu against me last week, and the head coach must have agreed, because the coach promoted him to blue belt tonight. When you spar with somebody, and you keep asking yourself why that person hasn’t been promoted to _ belt yet, it’s usually a sign that they will be promoted soon. The class also ended on a high note for me, as I got to spar with a three month white belt who made me look like a jiu jitsu master during sparring. This time, it was me catching someone in multiple submissions without even trying. Of course, I know I was using techniques that he’s never even seen before, much less drilled, but it still felt good to pull off so many moves successfully.

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