A lot of the regulars were gone tonight, so it was a relatively small class. The theme of drilling was omoplatas. I was glad to once again drill a move that I had not practiced in class since originally learning it in April 2013! Jiu jitsu has so many techniques, it can take quite along time to go over a move again, once it has been introduced in class. During sparring, I mostly defended submissions from inferior positions. The only person who could submit me was a blue belt that outweighs me by maybe 70 lbs. He went for a choke, so I alligator rolled away, but he followed my roll, and laid on top of me. If he were lighter, I probably would have been able to continue my roll to free myself. I did a bit better with the people more my size. Even though they all passed my guard, and even took my back, I was able to defend every single one of their submission attempts, and then escape to top position. My only problem is that I couldn’t pass their guards, while they passed mine with relative ease. That meant I had few opportunities to go for submissions, while they had many opportunities to try to submit me. That’s probably the main reason why my submission defense has become so much better. It’s now getting to the point where I don’t even care what position I’m in, since I know I have a good chance of surviving and eventually working my way to a better position.

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