Tonight during sparring, I got an opportunity to try some back attacks from the blue belt stripe two lessons at Gracie University. In particular, I had success with the turtle attacks. This is an area where I always felt I lacked a coherent strategy. The nice thing about focusing on back attacks, as opposed to bottom of half guard (which was the previous thing I was focusing on) is that it makes you really feel like you’re in control of the situation. I liked sharpening my half guard game, but it’s so easy to make a mistake and lose your position from there, that you can never really relax. In contrast, when I attempt to pass someone’s guard and they turtle up, the worst that usually happens is they recover guard. No big deal. The best that can happen is that you take their back and start working toward a submission. I’m looking forward to really sharpening my back attacks over the next few weeks. That’s really the most important thing left in the blue belt stripe two material that I really feel I need to master at this point. The rest of the lessons after that focus on leg attacks and standing techniques. I won’t be able to really use leg attacks until brown belt, and I’m not as concerned about standing techniques, given my Judo background. The big thing now will be to do a massive review, once I finish watching the rest of the blue belt stripe two lessons.

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