Tonight was my first night back after a week long family vacation. Even though it has only been eleven days since my last jiu jitsu class, many of the regulars greeted me with long time no sees. For these people, many of whom train on a daily basis, that’s a very long time indeed. It was the longest amount of time that I have been away from jiu jitsu since I began training. I was curious to see how my body would react to the high tempo after taking a break. Fortunately, I don’t seem to have fallen too much off my game, although I did try to take it easy during sparring. I tried to work on a bit of half guard from the bottom, which is what I have been studying via online videos lately. As luck would have it, Eddie Bravo gave a master class in half guard to the jiu jitsu world in his match against Royler Gracie at Metamoris 3, so I have been trying to really pay attention to what he does in that match, particularly in the first part of the match, before he turns the tables on Royler with his now infamous “electric chair” move. Between that match and the online videos at Gracie University, I began to realize how I might more effectively establish the under hook when I’m in bottom half guard. I tried it tonight, and that part worked. Now, I just have to work on not hesitating to make my move, once I do get the under hook.

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