Jiu jitsu has its ups and downs. Tonight was mostly an up. I was able to pass the guard of three out of the four blue belts I sparred with. The fourth blue is 230 pounds, and decided to do a forward roll after turtling. The normal procedure would be to stay close to him and “ride” him into side control. However, when someone who outweighs me by 80 pounds wants to roll away, I generally just let him go, rather than risk getting clocked by one of his legs flying through the air at 90 miles an hour! I was unable to pass the guard of the one purple belt I sparred with, which is par for the course. I rarely pass the guard of purple belts who are determined to stop me from doing so. That tells me my guard passing skills are somewhere in the high white belt to low blue belt level of proficiency. Still, the fact that I am starting to pass the guards of blue belts with increasing regularity is a concrete sign of progress. I even took the back of a blue belt who, six months ago, was able to easily fend off every single one of my guard pass attempts.

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