I missed Friday’s class due to a cold that I picked up from my daughter. I was in bed most of the weekend. So much for Father’s Day! I wasn’t feeling 100% at the start of class, so I knew it would be a little rough getting through to the end. During sparring, I tried to pace myself as best I could, but I still got fatigued much more quickly than usual. Even though my guard is steadily improving, it wasn’t enough to prevent some of the guys from passing my guard. At least, none of them were able to submit me, and in each case, I was able to recover guard eventually. That’s not terrible, since I went against three purple belts and about the same number of blue belts. Despite my lethargy, I was able to reverse one the purple belts, after spending most of the match surviving his impressive arsenal of submissions. I even defended his triangle attempt by the skin of my teeth, even though he had it locked on pretty tight. Anyway, I have no idea how I did it, but in the midst of defending his onslaught of collar chokes, I managed to sweep him and land on top of him in mount. I began immediately to work for an Americana, but his submission defense was spot on, and then the match ended. At least, I was able to end on a high note.

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