Tonight, we did some more judo drills, and also worked on some turtle attacks. I often find myself on top of turtle, with the other guy balled up, so that I can’t take his back, so I enjoyed some of the pointers I received from our newly minted black belt coach, who won the jiu jitsu world championship at brown belt last weekend. Winning a world championship often results in a swift belt promotion, and I can’t think of anyone more deserving. Later, I got to spar with him, which was special for two reasons. First, it was officially my first time sparring with a jiu jitsu black belt (although I’ve sparred with him on previous occasions). Also, he was my first main coach, when I began a year and a half ago in the basics class. At the time, he was a purple belt. He took it easy on me during our sparring session (as he always does), but I still had to work hard to maintain my guard. Toward the end, I ended up in 3/4 guard, trying for an omoplata, but his tight passing technique is razor sharp, so all I could do was keep his head out of position so he couldn’t pass.

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