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Steve Hyde: My name is Steve Hyde, I work in Towson in healthcare administration. I’ve been training here for almost three and a half years, and an interesting fact about me, I don’t know, I can’t think of anything right now. I really like kicking things pretty hard.

0:23 – I decided to train here because I had a friend that came here, and he really liked it, and it was my first choice of place to go when I graduated college. I feel like people should always be learning something, and as soon as I graduated from college, I was like, well, I’ve always wanted to learn Muay Thai kickboxing ever since I saw Ong Bak. So because I heard Crazy 88 was a really cool place, it was my first choice, and I’ve been liking it ever since.

0:58 – What I enjoy the most was, I’ve always felt out of place in normal sports, never good at baseball, never good at basketball. I never tried football, but I don’t know, probably wouldn’t have been good at that, and for whatever reason, this, just like, this was it for me, like I took naturally to everything. Everybody is really nice, and just everything about Muay Thai is like my thing, and growing up I never really had any of that, so I feel like I’ve discovered a part of myself.

1:34 – I think I had the fear that everybody else would have, that you go to a kickboxing and MMA gym is going to be full of a bunch of think-necked, heavily tattooed brawlers, and I showed up, and I saw none of those. I was like, oh yeah, this is a cool place, I’m going to like it here, everybody was just really normal, and really nice, and really, really good at everything.


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