Martial Arts for Women Beginners | Crazy 88 Review by Therese

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My name is Therese Hu or Shughrue. I haven’t changed my name yet. Anyway I am a chemistry graduate student, studying for my PH.D. I’ve been training for, it’s April, right?

Interviewer: Yep.

Therese: So, eight months. I’ve been training for eight months, Jiu Jitsu for eight months and I think Muay Thai for six months. And what other interesting facts. I’ve not done sports since elementary school until now. So this is like the first sport I’ve done since I was a tiny, tiny kid.

0:43 – At first it was really daunting when I was first watching everybody. But once I started, it really wasn’t as scary as I thought. Everyone was really, for here. Everyone was really supportive and they taught me everything I needed to know.

So in terms of that it was great. In terms of keeping up with everybody, like stamina wise, for say like the beginning, warmups. At first it was a little hard, but now I can keep up with everything so that’s great.

1:20 – At first, actually one of Pat’s co-workers, Nathan Allen asked us to come and try it out. And I’ve got to say, wrestling, definitely not what I thought I’d be doing at all. So I just thought, all right, let’s try it out and see how it goes. And then we tried out the first two weeks, and I really liked it. All the people I was placed with really showed me how to do everything. And I feel like every time I came to class, I felt really accomplished, physically. So I decided we’re going to do this long term.

2:05 – Interviewer: What was your biggest fear if any before you started training?

Therese: Physical contact. The closeness of everybody. At first actually I was thinking about just doing Muay Thai because there was definitely a lot, you get a lot more space. But now I actually like Jujitsu a lot more. So I’ve definitely gotten over that physical closeness problem.

It’s a lot of fun, how can I put this together. So I learned a lot of things. Like I’m a grad student, so it’s like all about learning and stuff. And so learning new things, I all ways feel accomplished and such. Especially if I can perform them physically is even more rewarding. So there’s that, of course I feel a lot more fit.

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