I was a little tired from the previous evening, so I was bracing myself for another brutal sparring session. Fortunately, the head coach divided us according to weight for most of the sparring, so I didn’t have to fight quite as hard in many of my matches tonight. Also, another white belt showed up! He outweighed me by 50 pounds or more, but it didn’t matter, since he was so new. I easily passed his guard, mounted him, and submitted him with an Americana arm lock. When I pointed out to him things he did wrong that allowed me to defeat him, he told me that nobody had yet shown him any mount defenses. I had him mount me, and showed him the basics of defensive hand positioning, and then mounted him in order to give him some practice. It seemed more merciful to give him a few pointers rather than submitting him multiple times with moves he’s never even seen, much less knows how to counter.

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