Tonight’s sparring served as a stark reminder of the difference in skill level between belts. When going against a three month white belt, a rare occurrence in the advanced class, I felt like a jiu jitsu genius. I pretty much dominated the entire match from the top and from the bottom. I submitted him twice, once with an arm bar, and once with a bow and arrow choke. The two blue belts were much more challenging. Both of them passed my guard, even though I recovered guard in both cases, and nearly swept them both. Also, neither of them could submit me. In other words, the matches against the blue belts ended more or less in a stalemate, although they would have undoubtedly won on points. The purple belt submitted me three times, and not only passed my guard at will, but made me fight for my life, both from the bottom of side control, and from bottom of mount. I was proud of the fact that it took him a really long time to submit me in one case. The other two submissions were quick, and probably had as much to do with my carelessness, as his skill. At least, that’s what I prefer to believe. I was also able to watch several matches from the side lines. The purple belt that defeated me so easily also made a really talented blue belt look like a complete jiu jitsu novice. He passed his guard in a matter of seconds without hardly trying. This is a blue belt that I spar with quite frequently. I rarely, if ever, am able to pass his guard!

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