Alexis Review | Baltimore County Martial Arts for Women


My name is Alexis. I’m from Hampstead which is about 25 minutes from Crazy 88 in Owings Mills. And aside from school and work, I just hang out at home and play with my dogs and see my friends. I’ve been training here for about five months.

0:18 – I’ve never been consistent with a regular gym and I’ve never consistently stuck with a sport besides horseback riding. I wanted something that I could do that I felt that I would stick with. And I’ve tried it once or twice before and I liked it.

0:34 – I guess that I feel myself being stronger and being able to keep up more with the exercises and then even when I’m not here or if I go away, like I just went on vacation, I want to stick with it and ask for pointers and improve.

0:51 – If you’re worried about people judging you, what you’re going to look like, if you’re going to be around a bunch of macho ego guys, that’s not the case here. It’s very open and welcoming. It’s easy to fit in.

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