Jesse Review of Crazy 88 | Baltimore County MMA Gym

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My name is Jesse Cockrow. I go to Randallstown High School. I’m in 11th grade and I’ve been training for about three months now.

0:07 – I actually always wanted to do it, then I finally got the courage to just start it. The atmosphere was great when I first came in. It was perfect. I liked it the first time I came in. I just knew I was going to come here for a long time.

0:21 – What I like the most about training here is that I always get a good workout and I’m always learning new stuff every time that I get on the mat. And Coach John and Coach Connelly always teach me a lot of new stuff.

0:34 – I would recommend to everybody the trial at Crazy 88, because it’s for everybody. It’s not just for people that want to compete. It’s for regular people that just want to learn self-defense too. Me, I want to compete eventually one day, but for now I’m just training.

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