John Johnson review of Crazy 88 – Jiu Jitsu Baltimore Gym

I’m John South side Johnson, I’m 34 years old. I’ve been training here at Crazy 88 mixed martial arts for about six years. Currently hold the belt rank of blue belt and I love it.

0:16 – What made me get started in Brazilian Jujitsu training, I didn’t have the love for boxing like I used to, but I still wanted to compete. So, I did my web search and I found Brazilian Jujitsu. So if I wanted to compete, I wanted to compete with the best and train with the best. So I did my research and I found Crazy 88 and I’ve been here since.

0:40 – My background, like I said, I used to box. It was like the wolf pack I’d say, only the strong survive. I mean it’s dog eat dog, you fight, and everyday is a fight. Here, we train hard but we try not to kill each other, because we care for each other. You’ve got to care for your training partners. That’s how you get better. You need your training partners. That’s the mentality that they instill here at Crazy 88 Brazilian Jujitsu.

1:15 – There’s no need for me to go anywhere else if I already trained at Crazy 88, and I knew I was training with the best, why go anywhere else and train with someone not as good as Crazy 88? That’s my personal opinion. I’ve trained with them, the results and the championships and the homegrown champions that they’ve produced. I’d rather come here and get beat up everyday, that way I know I’m learning and I’m getting better at Brazilian Jiu jitsu.

1:43 – Some of the people that train here, there are so many, have Tim Spriggs, he’s a champion. Tye Ryan Murphy, he’s a champion. We’ve got Big Sal, Al Washington, he’s a champion. We’ve got Chris Tran, he’s a champion. We have Devon Delbrugge, he’s a champion. We have Kathy Tran-Zwanetz, she’s a champion. You know, the list goes on and on. I continue to learn from…

2:10 – When I first came back actually, like I said, I’m a blue belt. When I first came back I was sparing with white belts and they tough. So that showed me the level to which these guys that I just previously named took our level to the next level. You understand what I’m saying,

There’s no easy rounds. Every round you have to work, every round you have to work. And they’re constantly producing champions.

2:45 – In here, at Crazy 88 Brazilian Jujitsu they cater to everyone from the beginner at five or six years old, to the beginner at 50 years old. No matter what, Crazy 88 has what you need in order to get started on your Brazilian Jujitsu journey. No matter what stage in life you’re in, child, teenager, young adult, older adult, you know, Jujitsu for everyone.

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