Practicing jiu jitsu can be emotionally taxing at times. On the nights that you feel like you are winning, you feel really good. On nights that you get smashed, your spirits start to dip, and you question whether you were crazy to think you would ever be good at jiu jitsu. Tonight was more of the latter. My mood was mainly affected by a single match in which I felt I could have done much better, but didn’t. My partner passed my guard, then mounted me, so I thought I’d try a new mount escape that I had just learned. I have been unable to make the escape work yet, so I thought it would be good practice. It didn’t work this time either, so I was back to defending his cross choke attempts, while looking for another opportunity to turn the tables in my favor. Unfortunately, I let him get his knee into my armpit, in a momentary lapse in concentration. I knew I was seconds away from getting arm barred, unless I acted quickly, but my response landed me in a mount triangle. I had jumped from the frying pan into the fire. Nobody likes to lose. On the other hand, you tend to learn more from failure than success. Tonight was a great learning experience.

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