For the first time during sparring, I could feel myself stringing certain moves together. The reason it is significant is that it means I’m starting to become comfortable enough with some of the individual techniques to be able flow from one to another. When you transition quickly from one move to another, it gives your partner less time to react. By the time he reacts to the first thing, you are on to the second or third thing. I still have a ways to go, but it’s kind of like when a child moves from individual words to short phrases. All jiu jitsu beginners learn individual techniques, which are analogous to words. In other words, I seem to be progressing from jiu jitsu words to jiu jitsu phrases in my sparring. It is still fleeting, but I could definitely feel it happening at certain points. Another important development was that I was able to catch a blue belt in a triangle setup…without getting my guard passed! That’s a first for me. Even though he postured out of the triangle, which is not uncommon with triangles, the fact that he couldn’t pass my guard meant that I could continue to attack. I was able to switch to the Omoplata from the failed triangle, which is definitely much better for me than landing in the bottom of side control. If I can eventually develop even a half way decent triangle, it could open a whole new world of possibilities for my guard game.

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