Brevon Review of Crazy 88 – Martial Arts in Baltimore County

By April 11, 2014Blog, Gym Reviews

0:09 – Hi. I’m Brevon Mason. I’ve been training for five months here at Crazy 88t. I have two kids. I’m a software engineer and I turned 41 a month after I started training.

0:22 – The coaches here are great. They help you learn at your own pace. They don’t match you up with people that’s gonna really kill you or anything. So, they kind of watch you. Make sure that they’re giving you what you need.

0:35 – The teammates here, they’re great people; they range as low as probably 13-14 years. My cousin also goes here. He’s 46. They all are very encouraging. They’re a great team; great sport atmosphere. We’re all learning together. We’re all getting better.

0:58 – It’s really not violence. It’s a martial art and it’s a lot of scientific theories behind everything, a lot of technique. You have to really practice. The coaches make sure you are safe here. They show you what’s illegal and make sure that you don’t do anything to hurt anyone; it’s training. That’s what you have to realize, its training. We’re not out here doing blood sport or anything. We’re learning a martial art, getting in shape, learning a technique so that you can apply it correctly and don’t hurt anyone. Self defense that’s all it is.

1:28 – As long as you have the drive and determination to improve and learn. I’m not here really to do competition; I’m here to be the best martial artist I can be. So whatever that means for you, as long as you have that drive, determination and will to learn. I think it fits anyone, age six on up. I mean 6 to 50 something. Like I said, I’m 41. I feel great. In the beginning, a little sore after some of the practices, but it goes away.

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